Which employee engagement initiatives have you enjoyed being a part of?

Qudsia Ali
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Alex gleen
Making an effort to make employees feel valued and respected, as well as hearing and understanding their views.
Peter agar
Given its evident links to job satisfaction and employee morale, employee engagement can be important to a company's success. Employee engagement is built and maintained through effective communication.
Qudsia Ali
@peter_agar I admire your ideas on effective communication.
I do like an open-book management style in which all the employees can take part in the decision-making process (to some extent).
Vidas Vasiliauskas
Celebrating achievements and talking about improvements during Retrospectives
Qudsia Ali
@vickv It is very important, I appreciate your suggestion.
Marina ĐuriΔ‡
As a huge sports lover, definitely company sports days or participating in charity tournaments, nothing trumps good sportsmanship and teamwork! Generally having an open-minded and encouraging environment that shapes the right culture in the company. Everyone is open to constructive feedback and sharing different opinions is supported.
Qudsia Ali
@marina_djuric Your observations and thoughts are pretty similar to mine. I am a huge supporter of small recreational sports activities available on the office premises so that employees can take small breaks from their work to have some fun relaxing time.
Jenny Sahng
This is a really small thing, but at the end of each week, we wrap up with a quick 15 min session called "GLUTE", which stands for good, learnt, ugly, thankful, excited. We take 2 mins to think about what was good/a new learning/bad/thankful about the week just been, and what we're excited about in the coming week or weekend, and then share. I always found it really nice to a) hear how others found the week from their perspective (we're all remote), and b) what's going on in their lives outside of work.
Qudsia Ali
@jenny_sahng That is an outstanding practice since all of your team works remotely. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing.
Rose Barrett πŸŒΉπŸ€
Regularly scheduled coffee meetups via video call. It's gave us a space to get to know each other on a personal basis and we knew it was there each week even if we couldn't make it some weeks.
Nicole Ogloza
Since we are a startup and have no budget, we get together once a month to share stories about each other (our team is huge, 30+ people) and all volunteering, and so far, we have been able to keep everyone on our team for over a year. We believe in building an extremely diverse team, and celebrate everyones cultures and holidays in someway. For our team in NYC, we ended up going on a rooftop and celebrate holi! There is one less uglier tar rooftop in NY hahaha
Jamie Green
At a previous workplace we had 1 day a quarter where the whole office would give back to the community. The best example was where we built a kids play-gym for a women's refuge (i.e., de-weeded the gardens, built/ painted the woods, put together a basketball hoop etc.) It was amazing to see the kids glee and was just a super good way to connect and get to know the team in a non-confrontational way.
Daniel Engels
Off-site meetings and activities.
At my workplace, we use AnnounceBot (https://announcebot.in/) in Microsoft Teams to welcome new team members and wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.