⚡️ Which are the best Twitter bio you've ever seen?

Carmen Jiménez
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I wanted to change my Twitter bio and I started thinking on good bios I had seen online. However, I couldn't remember any! Could you help me get inspired to write my new Twitter bio by telling me the best bios you've ever seen? 🙌 Also this will help anyone who is looking to improve their bio.


Carmen Jiménez
@cn__katie Why do you think this bio is the best you've ever seen?
Alice Rodgers
@copybycarmen I think I love it. It's the only one stayed in my mind, that means a lot for me also in love with this page https://levels.io/contact-me/ I hope I'll have same kind of page once
Carmen Jiménez
@cn__katie Staying in someone's mind is really hard, so just for that we could say it's a great bio. 💪
Donna Ball
@cn__katie @copybycarmen that a nice explanation, i agree with you
Xavier Coiffard
Twitter are super hard to master! Here are my inspiration: - https://twitter.com/gregisenberg : super straight to the point, you what you'll get - https://twitter.com/heyblake : The "I will help you…" is pure genius. - https://twitter.com/DruRly : I love the big social proof here (40 000+ readers) - https://twitter.com/KateBour : Love the "follow me for…" and the banner is awesome! I tried to condense all these into mine, I'm pretty sure I can improve it tho → https://twitter.com/AngeZanetti If y'all have any feedback on how I can improve it, feel free to comment below!
Carmen Jiménez
@angezanetti I really loved all of this bios! I'll use them all to get inspired and improve mine (even your, which is great). Thanks for your comment!
Melvin Richard
1/ Elon Musk's bio was "Hat Salesman" three years ago which was funny 2/ The best twitter bio, I would say Patrick McKenzie from Stripe (https://twitter.com/patio11) This is what his bio says, "I work for the Internet, at @stripe, mostly on accelerating startups."
Carmen Jiménez
@melvin_richard Why do you think Patrick McKenzie's bio is your fav bio?
Melvin Richard
@copybycarmen " Working for the Internet" - describes what he does in the best possible way. He could've simply stated that he's "Head of Engineering ", but chose to do it differently. This is why his bio is my favorite.
Isabel Nyo
I read somewhere that a good bio tells the reader what you can do for them. I try to follow that advice: https://twitter.com/eisabai