How do you reach more people? 🤔

Carmen Jiménez
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From your experience launching products, what do you think is the best way to reach people before the launch comes? Just being in social media? Or maybe investing in newsletters from the sector or in advertisements?


Ani Buendia
Hi @copybycarmen , in my opinion creating a community from offering valuable content is a must, so you could start with content creation!
Kshitij Malhotra
Creating content and marketing it at the right place. That should be more than enough. Ads may or may not give you authentic reach 🤷‍♂️ but content mostly does.
Pasindu Subasinghe
Doing a bit of research about the market and targeting that audience with unique /eye catching content will do. Plus if you could do some giveaway products free for publicity.
Abel Grünfeld
Proof that you're solving a real problem, get social proof early on (even preliminary social proof can be effective), build anticipation
Abinash Mohanty
In order to reach more people especially for product hunt... you have to create its upcoming page, share work in progress and ask folks to participate. I know it's time-consuming but worth doing it. Share beta invites and share them on Twitter, FB, Insta, etc. including your product landing's coming soon page in Product Hunt. Please will like, vote, and even buy your product the moment they come to know what % of the value it's creating or going to create. Or else no traction at all. If more and more people are following your products then no doubt you will have a huge number of attractions when you actually launch it on @producthunt 🤟🏻
Carmen Jiménez
@abinashmohanty One of the best answers here, I'm new at @producthunt but I'll try what you've told me 😍
Raimundo Llao
Build a community around your product/problem, then you will figure out where to scale to reach more people.
Carmen Jiménez
@rallao Thank you for your comment! That's what I'm trying to do right now, little marketing actions based in building community and analyse them 🤯
Victor Ponamariov
For me, such resources ad hacker news and reddit worked well. Recently I posted on Reddit and got more than 2k+ visitors. But this opportunity happens rarely. However, if you have nice product, it might work out very well
David Miranda
@victor_ponamariov Where did you post? Some sub-reddits don't like self-promotion
Joel Hansen
Great question! For me, it's always been building a content community around the problem you're solving!
Elen Udovichenko
Starting a discussion on PH is a good move 😉 Other than that, I would definitely recommend posting on social media - just make sure to engage with the right people, not just post on your corporate page for your 20 followers to see. You can also try cold outreach to reach influencers in your niche and get them to try it out and provide their honest feedback to the audience (that is if you're 100% sure that your product is actually that good!). Back in the day, we've even used cold outreach to onboard some beta testers 💪 But it really depends on the target audience and your market.
David Miranda
I think you need to have an understanding about a BIG problem in a market. Then you can design a solution and figure out how to describe it so 1) your audience understands what you do, 2) understands the BIG problem you're solving. Then you can launch it and start getting feedback from users. If you did your research well, the launch will do great! You can use the feedback to build up free/valuable content around your product — and then launch your product again several months later with updated features. As long as you continue to listen to users and build what they need, they'll be more and more excited about your next launch and you'll get more and more attention. It's a hard road and takes a lot of effort, but no code and low code are making it a lot easier.
Katelyn Meyer
Do you me a man like me
Patrick Hunter
Frequent engagement and work progress on Twitter, and also reaching out to Slack communities of likeminded builders (Product Buds, No Code Founders, etc.) and looking for feedback or potential beta users!
James Kelley
@abinashmohanty @victor_ponamariov Thank you. I've been struggling with the same that as @panphora. PH is interesting, but challenging to breakthrough the clutter. Or my posts are the clutter. Not sure which.