What do you usually do after a launch? 🚀

Carmen Jiménez
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Most people talk about how to launch but once you have done that, what do you usually do? Do you improve your product using the feedback you got? Start new marketing actions? How do you establish what is a priority after a launch? This will really help me and anyone who has recently launched for the first time 💜


Ondrej Dobias
It depends on what was the goal of your launch. Did you focus on gathering leads? Then you follow-up with them. Focus on gathering feedback? You research on it. Marketing visibility? Stress-testing your infrastructure? ...
One hard truth I learned as a solo nobody in the space is that launching is like hitting the switch to turn on the lights. But the lights won't turn on once you hit the switch. Even tho you spend months waiting to hit the f*in switch. So you keep hitting the switch over and over, investigate the wires, the lamp, hit the switch more .. the light starts to turn on a bit ... might fade away ... so you hit hit hit hit hit and fix fix fix and hit hit hit ... hoping that the light keeps getting brighter. And if you ever stop hitting and fixing it just turns off.
Veronika Nesheva
@nidal_ghonaim , this was brilliant. :D I can totally relate to it.
Carmen Jiménez
@nidal_ghonaim omg great metaphor! I really loved this comment, thanks!
Veronika Nesheva
@copybycarmen, I am with @ondrej_dobias1. It depends on the goals you had with the launch and what you were planning on doing depending on the outcome of the launch. On a high level, the first step is reviewing the results of the launch and how they compare to the targets you set beforehand. You then decide on next steps based on the launch results and the strategy you started with. Do you have a specific scenario in mind? Example: early stage pre pmf start-up, aiming to get qualitative feedback...
Carmen Jiménez
Hi @veronica_nesheva! Our main goal with the launch was getting feedback, so now we will take it into account to improve the platform
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Savian Boroanca
In my opinion, there are at least two things you should focus on: 1. Make sure your product is ready for traffic - your infrastructure is capable to hold on. 2. Take extremely good care of your users - they are your most important resource after the launch. And one more thing, always work hard to improve your product. 🙂
Bilal Chaglani
Engage every comment or questions, watch the onboarding flow for any breaks, take notes on user journey (for future improvement) and lastly get feedback. The launch is the day when you get high traffic, invest time to study user behaviour with your product.
Sofia Polonska
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