Which are some of the newsletter that you read regularly? (Any Recommendations)

Ujjwal sukheja
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Hey, Thanks for checking in πŸ‘‹ I prefer reading a newsletter instead of a blog sometimes due to that I update my collection list of daily newsletters every few weeks 😜 I thought to share the list with you all and get your recommendations too πŸš€ My current newsletter lists: First 1000 by @ali_abou_el_atta : Here is the Link Trends.vc by @dru_riley : Here is the Link Growth Bites by Indiehackers by @csallen : Here is the Link Munch By Moving by @itspks : Here is the Link Marketer Crew by @falak_sher : Here is the Link What are some more which you recommend me to add to my list?


Jeremiah Smith
Try The Tech Memo (https://thetechmemo.com) keep yourself informed without impacting your productivity :-)
Dylan Redekop
I'm a fan of the Growth Currency ⚑ newsletter πŸ‘€ https://growthcurrency.substack.... 😁
Kyle Frost
I'm a big fan of @lenny_rachitsky's product/growth focused newsletter. I'm just on the free version, but I know several folks who pay for it. https://www.lennysnewsletter.com... Proof of Concept - design/creativity/experimentation focus by @davidhoang https://davidhoang.substack.com/ Morning Brew - They just do such a great job of curating/distilling daily newest topics into bite sized pieces and have a unique voice. https://www.morningbrew.com/daily Product Hunt Daily - 😸 https://www.producthunt.com/news...
David Hoang
@lenny_rachitsky @kylefrost Thank you so much for the love, Kyle! πŸ™
Alice Rodgers
Quora Digest πŸ˜‡
Gleb Braverman
NotBoring TheProfile MorningBrew
Ujjwal sukheja
@gleb_braverman Gossip is looking really cool!! Let me know if you're up for collaborations in any possible ways?
Anurag Singh
Plug in: If you're a PH Parent - please hit this up: https://businessnewsforkids.subs... - write it with my 11 year old. πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ There also https://www.filtercoffee.co/ if you're keen on the Indian startup space. πŸš€
Stefan Razvan
TechCrunch and Morning Brew
You can't go wrong with the Digital Wellness newsletter from This Too Shall grow by @clo__s Here's the link
Sofia Polonska
Definitely Morning Brew ) they are the best
Ujjwal sukheja
@saascoach That's amazing, What about a collab with our newsletter? Link: https://munch.moving.so
Joseph Abraham
@ujjwal_sukheja : Sure thing let me know how I can help, we can schedule a time here - https://calendly.com/saascoach/i...
Carlo Thissen
I can only recommend the First Round Review Newsletter for all startup founders. Extremely high quality reads covering a wide range of topics for people who run startups. https://review.firstround.com/ne...
Michael Silber
These are some of the substack folks I follow right now Platformer by @caseynewton The Looking Glass by @joulee Lenny's Newsletter by @lenny_rachitsky Li's Newsletter by @ljin18 Bring the Donuts by @kennethn The Generalist by Mario Gabriele Nongaap Investing by Mike P.
Ujjwal sukheja
@caseynewton @joulee @lenny_rachitsky @ljin18 @kennethn @product_at_producthunt These are some of the great names, I heard about'em before!! 😍
Favmergra Favmergragoo
My favorite newsletter remains Bankless.
Fiona Martin-Muir
Morning Brew β˜•οΈ The Hustle πŸ“ˆ Nick Sharma 🀩