Which app made your life easier and why?

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liana merch
Tinder. I met my BF there and he always made my life easier and happier. Now he moved to another country and i am going back to the daring apps((( Don't want to use tinder again, heard there are better platforms. Is elite singles worth it maybe? Or do you have a better recommendations?
Sofia Polonska
5 minutes journal ) it keeps to protect your mental health
Alice Rodgers
Glovo for delivery (covers everything, food, drinks, grocery, including buy me smth: once I damaged my tights during the party and ordered Glovo delivery guy to buy and bring me a pair) Super useful
TMetric for time management, VSCO for photo editing, Spotify for music, Pinterest for inspiration.
The New Headspace: guided meditation & helpful to keep me grounded. Zenkit: Helpful for team collaboration & personal planner. It's also the company I'm working for right now. :D Quizlet Learn: I'm currently learning russian, and this app has been helpful to store & review new vocabs.