Quizlet Learn

Machine learning-powered adaptive studying

Hi Product Hunt! Quizlet Learn is a simple way for students to stay ahead of the curve and master knowledge before tests or quizzes come along. Available on iOS now (and coming soon to Android and Web), it’s powered by our new Learning Assistant Platform, which uses machine learning to process data from millions of anonymized sessions and develop a curriculum based on how people really learn. Here’s how it works: Right off the bat, Learn will run you through a quick review to understand your baseline knowledge of the material Learn will also ask you for a test date and build a learning plan around it As you continue studying, Learn will quiz you (varying the question type and frequency) and chart your progress, sending reminder notifications along the way If you’re interested, you can read more about how it works technically: https://medium.com/tech-quizlet/... We’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Got questions? I’ll be here to help you answer them.
@jeffchan I just want to take the chance to thank your company for pulling me through so many tests, quizzes, and finals. Quizlet has been my studying savior in high school and college.
@jeffchan 你好。我发现现在您的产品已经转型了,和视频里介绍的,貌似不太一样,现在更像是一个背单词的APP,是出于什么考虑做了这样的调整呢?
I've been using Quizlet since middle school... You guys are great. This looks awesome.
Hi Jeff, English is my second language, and I have constantly using Vacabulary.com to improve my English vocabulary. and I really enjoy the adaptive learning from Vacabulary.com. I download your app. I find it's extremely helpful to have an image beside the word's definition, which make it easier to memorize the definition. However, I found your app is hard to navigate. After I followed a teacher, I cannot navigate to the page to follow another teacher. In addition, I think the adaptive learning with the visual card would be a natural fit for kids. If you like I can help you setup a user interview with my brother (10 years old) who provided me tremendous user behavior insight for my apps. Good luck! I look forward to your next version.
@mingliangma Hi Ming! Thanks for your feedback on the navigation. Definitely room for improvement here. What would you expect after navigating to a profile page? Yes, absolutely! Let's get in touch at jeff@quizlet to set something up. Does your brother already use Quizlet?