Where do you start with product building?

Luka Vasic
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I'm thinking of creating my own product in the future, but I would love to know where to start. What are some tools that you used in your product, and how did you get the idea for it...


Feyzan A.
Launching soon!
I'm interested too so I'll keep following this discussion. All PH community, please feel free to share your journey with us :)
Ezzat Suhaime
depends on what product you want to make!
Shem Leong
Not a tool but just some general advice which I learnt the hard way. 1. Find an idea, could be an itch you want to scratch, a existing product that you can carve out a niche etc. 2. Get it validated 3. Are you sure it's validated? 4. Be really sure it's validated 5. Go build it
T. Damonneville
No idea for now? What I do is, when I need something, searching if a tool exist, if it doesn't I create it. Then you can monetize your tool for other people who have the same need.
You always have to start with a market analysis.
Clément Rog
I believe product building starts with marketing: building a consistent story about what you want to solve, how, and why this difference matters. And then making sure it matters for other people than you. Good luck!