Where do you do your personal branding?

Luka Vasic
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I have been researching and working on my personal brand so I was wondering how the community does it. There are tons of products that are known because of their founder's personal brand for example. What is your take on personal branding? Where do you work on it?


Instagram and twitter are good platforms for personal branding in my opinion. One can even try LinkedIn for more personal professional branding
Luka Vasic
@shruti_s yea it depends on what you want to use your personal brand for. For instance i use LinkesIn because i want to use it for sales and professionals
Cameron Caldwell
LinkedIn by far has shown the most potential for me. I'm not mad at the Tik Tok either just for the sheer volume of views you can get with no followers
I work on it mostly on Twitter and I can confirm it's a life changer. It opens up many doors and enables you to raise awareness on your products. It's even more efficient if the products are actually efficient. Twitter is great for international English speaking audience and for pushing digital products. Looking into expanding my reach on PH, IH and Reddit
For my day job it's defiantly LinkedIn - for the Indie Hacking side of things it's Twitter - I'd branch out to Instagram/Tik Tok if I had the time!
Launching soon!
Your social media accounts and website are the best places to do your personal branding.
Mounir Nejjai
As of now, I mainly use linkedin... I know I should use twitter more... IG & Tiktok I really don't know if it's relevant for a B2B SAAS company...
Fabian Maume
Medium is my main channel: https://medium.com/@fabian_maume I then use Linkedin and Quora for content distribution and to increase the reach of my articles.