How do you keep yourself productive?

Luka Vasic
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Currently, I'm exploring this topic because I'm making my own productivity system. I'm using a combination of notion, google calendar, and good old sticky notes hah. I'm building the routine of planning my day the night before. Most of the habits I'm developing are written down on sticky notes in my room so that I'm reminded that I have to do them every day. I use google calendar for work, faculty, events, training... And I use todoist to capture my taught which I put into notion when I get the time and track them with an urgency/importance matrix. How do you stay productive? Would help a lot since I'm at the beginning of my productivity journey.


Nicole Ogloza
Transcendental Meditation. Changed my life and focus
Luka Vasic
@nicole_ogloza Nice, I tried it a few times but i found out taking long walks was the best meditation for me
Nicole Ogloza
@luka_vasic Did you ever go to a center or was it self taught?
Maxwell Davis
I try and surround myself with people that'll help me feel a bit competitive and drive me on.
Luka Vasic
@maxwellcdavis that's also a great way. Mutually helping each other be better
Inam from Outgrow
Offering five times prayers keeps me productive throughout the day.
Qudsia Ali
The first thing I do to keep myself motivated is by treating my body well. Writing a to-do list, breaking Big Tasks into Small Ones, and taking small breaks in between helps increase my productivity.
Luka Vasic
@qudsia_ali Yea that's the best way of doing tasks IMO. Do you use any apps like notion, todoist?
Nabeel Amir
Yoga and exercise help me keep my sanity in place during work pressure. Whenever I feel exhausted at work, I take a 10 to 20 min break for some quick yoga asanas. And they help me a lot in keeping myself productive.
Luka Vasic
@nabeel_amir Nice one. I usually take a 15-20min walk which clears my mind and helps me get back to work. I'm also thinking in using the pomodoro technique for work as I usued it for studying. What are your taughts?
Dapeng Ni
I must say having a list of my to-do tasks help me to stay on top of them.
Luka Vasic
@dapeng_ni yea it is the best way. Do you use some tools/trackers or something else?
Valeria Migova
I personally love to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps me collect, organise, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool.
Luka Vasic
@vmigova Cool, maybe I could try it. I was thinking of buying a whiteboard for my room to write tasks or ideas.