Where and how can we learn more about crypto investing and NFTs?

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NFTs are too much in news these days and I am just curious to know what exactly it is!


Helen Thomas
I'd suggest Binance Academy. When I first started my cryptocurrency journey, I didn't hesitate and went to the academy. They have a comprehensive guide on almost all things about cryptocurrency.
@heletoto Yes, I agree on this one as well. Binance Academy taught me a lot when it comes to crypto investing and risk management.
Benoit Chambon
There's a lot of crypto media that will help you for sure :) and if you want to track crypto market prices on a nice interface, check out koinju.io :)
@benoit_chambon I really liked the page, will definitely dig deep into it to learn more. Thanks for sharing!
Amanda Trincher
There are many forums, blogs, YouTube channels or projects like https://uspesnynaburze.sk/ that can give you knowledge about investing