When you launch on Product Hunt, what type of feedback are you looking for (or find most helpful)?

Kyle Frost
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Basically, I'm curious what kind of comments, questions, and feedback you find most valuable when you launch a new product on Product Hunt. If there's something I didn't list in the poll (or you'd just like to give more context), please expand on your thoughts in the comments!
General idea validation
Not really targeting feedback, just looking for positive vibes
Not really targeting feedback, just addressing questions


I consider myself a cool programmer
Interest in the product. Is it interesting to the community
In my opinion, the design, positioning, idea validation and pricing strategy come before the launch. To me, the launch is more of a way to officially say "hey, here is my product, come check it out" and make it gain in visibility. It's also the occasion to answer questions potentials users could have, and feedback is always appreciated of course, but this is not what I'd be actively looking for when launching
Publish your product on Product Hunt. Respond with high-quality comments. Shout out on social media that you're on Product Hunt. Don't ask for up votes. Add a widget on your site to highlight your live launch on Product Hunt. Send an email newsletter to your community. aces etm
PR @TeQatlas
Our target audience is on the Product Hunt, so we are more seeking brand awareness, UX/UI feedback, partnership opportunities
Marketing & Growth
We want to check our general idea and concept
Project Manager @Woodpecker.co
General feedback about the idea. For me, it's a great option to look at questions. It makes me understand what isn't present in clear form, what users need, or how they want to use a product. Thanks to that, after a launch, you can have really great backlog of ideas to ask other users about.