What work format do you prefer (office vs hyrbid vs remote)?

Hans Desjarlais
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I've been working remotely for 10+ years and IMO it's not the best for your career or mental health. The isolation and lack of in-person conversations can hinder your career and take a toll after a while. Looking to get feedback from the community. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Maxwell Davis
Spent quite a while trying to figure out what to answer but I do think Hybrid is the best of both worlds - if the culture and technology is right
Hans Desjarlais
@maxwellcdavis yes, agreed. It will also depend on the type of job. I have a friend who is an industrial engineer and he needs to be on-site certain days but not all the time, the rest of the time he works from home. I suspect there are many less tech related jobs where hybrid would apply. Humans are naturally social beings, we need the human interaction, I think the pandemic really made that obvious.
Evelina Radoycheva
I've been working remotely for 5+ years and those are my two cents. Our team is fully remote and it works great for us. I guess experience depends on the company culture. We have our daily meetings and weekly catch-ups. We share life events as well as interesting work-related news. Occasionally, we meet in person to share a pizza. Of course, you need a solid collaboration tool - something that you can tailor to meet your team's needs.
Ana Dodig
@eve_rad same at my company :) At first I wanted to go back to the office, then hybrid was interesting option but now I'm used to the remote work and I agree that it depends on the company culture and how communication flows. if it's all in function, then fully remote is a good deal.
Hans Desjarlais
@eve_rad Good point. The issue I have with collaboration tools is it cannot re-create in person conversations. When you're around people or during a coffee break the velocity and quality of ideas/thoughts is much higher. I just don't see Zoom/Slack replacing that. If you work fully remote you have to find ways to get human interaction by networking or to your point, getting together to share a pizza. But that doesn't happen every day. I suspect different personality types may have differing opinions on this as well. Introverts may favor fully remote while extroverts may favor hybrid or on-office.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I feel the hybrid model gives you the greatest flexibility! You can work on a brainstorming project in the comfort of your home and if you need face-to-face discussion with your team, you can have it at the office without any trouble. The only problem with the hybrid model may be that of unpredictability. If the days you are planning to go to the office on and planning to stay home are not fixed, there may be chaos when it comes to offline projects. If that can be dealt with by preparing a proper schedule or being able to establish clear communication, I feel the hybrid model is a total game-changer!
Hans Desjarlais
@vanshika_chaturvedi good point, I agree. Since culture has become such a focus for many companies I suspect the hybrid model may be the future. Setting a schedule when people should/must be in the office for group meetings and exchanging ideas would be a good way to deal with the unpredictability.
Hans Desjarlais
@vanshika_chaturvedi There's also the added benefit for companies not needing as much office space and thus reducing their expenses. I know someone who knows someone who works at Hopper in Montreal and this is what they did.
Srishty Chaudhary
Hybrid mode can be the best choice of working because in this way one can give time both to office and homes. It becomes easier to manage both the places.
Adraina Agyei
I prefer On-site but it is a very good option to work from home. It is a good way to get out of the routine.