What will happen to all of those coders out there when the No-Code revolution comes? 💻🧨

Ege Yalçınkaya
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I don't believe that this will be a replacement but cooperation. What do you think?


Solomon Bush
I guess we will just have to all write code for the No-Code companies lol. Personally, as a developer, I see No-Code the same as I see General AI.
Mahak from Outgrow
When the no-code revolution comes, all the coders will code for the users who are using no-code websites. I mean after all the UX and frontend for those apps and websites will still be there to handle
Kapil Gadhire
No-code revolution has already started and here is my observation to what will happen to the engineer/developers who spend hours relentlessly coding - 1. Coders are now building no-code products 2. Coders are getting to solve a new set of challenges 3. SaaS Product building is on the rise, and in most cases small teams of developers are building products and winning the markets exponentially The demand for engineers is like never before now. 😍