What will be the language of Metaverse? Will we still need linguistic assets to communicate?

Ege Yalçınkaya
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Hi everyone! Since it is officially started, I'm trying to hear people's thoughts about how we will communicate in Metaverse? I believe that breaking the limits of the physical world will enhance our ways of communication. What do you think?


Arda Helvacılar
Endless possibilities when you think but the first thing that came to mind: EMOJIS! Basic gestures 😃
Barış Bingöl
I have a theory that it might slowly evolve into music and jingles, similar to those in the Animal crossing games ahhaha. I wouldn't be opposed!
I think the beautiful thing about the metaverse is that it will bring so many cultures together. I have an inkling that the web will default to English but it'll end up creating its own language just as gm, wgmi, FOMO, etc have already arisen. Different cultures will continue to express themselves in the metaverse so we'll still see diverse languages, expressions and interactions the main difference is that we'll most likely be able to understand more of it.
Brad Williamson
There's a ton of unique language peppered about Snow Crash. While I don't believe there'll be a need for new-style communication, I do feel like our existing forms of expression will evolve pretty quickly in an organic fashion.
Some forward thinking companies are either using or developing virtual conference room tools for VR - avatar-based 3d communication around a virtual conference table. Imagine this environment scaled to the size of whatever you can imagine, with interchangeable currency, the ability to transition seamlessly between entertainment and work environments, and walking up to a complete stranger on a virtual avenue, and striking up a verbal conversation. What if that person were to be speaking in a language you don't understand? What if there were a translation layer that allowed seamless, instant translation into your native language, and your speech into theirs? These things can all be possible - the technology will need to catch up. The internet will need to do some catching up as well, to make this a reality. Hit me up if you ever want to geek out on the Metaverse - I've been studying from the air and down in the sewers, it's a huge topic.
Dmytro Voloshyn
If metaverse will be popular and we assume that it will gradually improve over time, then it will eventually become indistinguishable from reality hence we will communicate with the same languages as we do now in the physical world.
Alina Ihnatiuk
All languages. It is a metaverse the coding language will not matter it will what is the "PROTOCOL" and will it use some kind of distributed database like a Blockchain and how/who will own that "commit" to the chain.
Karolina Slovcovaite
Maybe we will see real time translation to every native language?
strativ AB
Thanks for uprooting this issue. Thanks all for your opinions
aaron jones
My company yepic, is developing a service called www.vidvoice.ai, that helps overcome this very problem. Vidvoice hasn't been hunted yet