Have you ever earned a digital certificate or a badge? If yes, how do you make use of them?

Ege Yalçınkaya
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Hello PH Community 👋 I'm running a digital credential business and trying to understand how people make use of their achievements to further develop my product. I'd be more than happy to hear your experiences!


Chief Inspiration Officer
I have a couple digital certificates from Coursera, putting them on my resume definitely gave me leverage in applying for jobs where my actual degree was not a 100% match. In a way, once you are advanced enough into your career and an additional degree does not make much sense as an investment, a great way to go is to get certified online in some areas. Similar to any extra credits I could've taken in uni, but with higher value now actually as I choose the courses that complement my already existing job experience and even help negotiate better pay as well.
Eric Z
Creator at Zbooks.co
YES! I took @davechesson 's course about Amazon ads. For a while a posted this on my website (I got 100%!) because I also help people publish books and market them (Amazon ads etc.) This helped boost my authority.
Buse Başar
Content Creator @BeforeSunset
I have received digital certificates from many fields, most notably in the field of Seo and Digital Marketing. I show it on my linkedin and my cv. I usually prefer the free ones.