What will be the 2021 trend in tech?

Hugo P.
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Mert Akın
Do you need a niche? I would say anything to do with AI.
Hunter Peress
@mert_akin @hugo_pochet1 I can't wait for the day for Siri for coding ;-) "Hey Siri! Copy the Apple Notes app except make it searchable by images"
Mert Akın
@mert_akin @hugo_pochet1 @hunter_peress yeah that would be awesome but I think we're a little behind that, don't you think :)
Maya Ben Zid
VR Hands down! I've been working on one and it's published today oVice
Hugo P.
@maya_ovice Looks super cool! Will give it a try :)
Amit Tank
It would be SaaS Marketplace for sure. What do you think ? 😀
Hugo P.
@amit_tank Totally agree! You might want to check LTD platforms such as AppSumo or SaaS Mantra (kind of SaaS marketplace for MVPs) 💪
Rachel Draws
I would put a coin on AI as well!
Stephane Ibos
I'd vote for anything related to automation - by enlarge. Automation = less resources + more mobility (physical & trade-wise) for people = winner, more and more these days.
I think this is starting to reveal itself already. i.e. More encrypted and privacy protected software and apps!
Jean Chung
AI is becoming more popular. We are even seeing now in the field of auditing of large corporations, where there are large amounts of data to go through. AI can detect anomalies and discrepancies in data sets.
saurabh shinde
End of Subscription Base Model @hugo_pochet what do you think? I would like experts views on this