What VoIP/online telephony do you use?

Alexa Vovchenko
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Hi Makers 👋 Our team @employplan is mostly based in Poland. We're expanding our market to other countries within the EU + we aim at the UK. The problem is, cold calling from a regular SIM is expensive and not comfortable. What companies can you recommend for buying an online phone number? Something proved as not scammy and for a democratic price 🙏


I am sorry if it doesn't meet your needs but I use nymgo they are relatively fairly priced and have been in the market for a while 😊
Alexa Vovchenko
thank you for the suggestion, I'll have a look into it!
Migu Rico
If the question is still relevant I highly recommend this company https://www.tregroup.net/. When we launched our business in Toronto last year we contacted Tregroup to setup VOIP for our company. I got only positive impressions from working with them. Highly recommend! 👍
Maulik Shah
We use Tragofone app, it is white label softphone app for audio, video, conferencing and much more with WebRTC technology. You can look into it on their website: https://tragofone.com/
Demian Dex
Our company would like to organize a customer support service. Since it is inconvenient to answer the mail and many clients find it more convenient to talk on the phone and discuss the problem.
Demian Dex
It is important for our business to connect the call center, so that customers can call and our managers can answer all questions quickly and easily. Is it difficult to connect IP telephony now?
Dario Banesr
It is not very difficult to start it up, because you only need to have a CRM and connect ip-telephony. CRM is necessary to maintain and make changes to the customer database, but voip business phone service https://1voicetech.com/solutions... will allow you to effectively call the database, adequately distribute contacts between managers and analyze their work. We use the IP telephony service ourselves, we are satisfied with the services, we have never failed.