What VoIP/online telephony do you use?

Alexa Vovchenko
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Hi Makers 👋 Our team @employplan is mostly based in Poland. We're expanding our market to other countries within the EU + we aim at the UK. The problem is, cold calling from a regular SIM is expensive and not comfortable. What companies can you recommend for buying an online phone number? Something proved as not scammy and for a democratic price 🙏


I am sorry if it doesn't meet your needs but I use nymgo they are relatively fairly priced and have been in the market for a while 😊
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thank you for the suggestion, I'll have a look into it!
A lot to say, guys :)
If the question is still relevant I highly recommend this company https://www.tregroup.net/. When we launched our business in Toronto last year we contacted Tregroup to setup VOIP for our company. I got only positive impressions from working with them. Highly recommend! 👍