Guys, how do you call to prospects?

Alexa Vovchenko
2 replies
Hi guys! I am looking for some affordable calling tool for 1-2 agents which charges monthly. What would you recommend?


Lauren Brose
Depends on the country you're in - I've used Ringcentral in the past and it's a super easy to use VOIP system that is reasonably priced. I was able to make calls from my computer, the mobile app, and I could hand-off the call to other people on my team if I needed them to take over.
Nikita Dutta
Before calling your prospect, it is important that you gather all the relevant information related to website visitors as they are the most ideal prospect. Service providers like LeadMagic ( ) enable you to get complete information about your website visitors like the pages they had a look at and the duration spent on your website so that you can send the right message to the right prospect.