What tools do you use to be productive? In your work life and/or personal life?

Sandra Djajic
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Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I'm a die hard Trello user! I use it for just about everything: https://youtu.be/PKw83xOhcbI
Sandra Djajic
Great video! Its cool to find a die hard Trello user - people seem to either really love Trello or they really dislike it. There appears to be no in between.
Alexandra Cote
The straightforward "get the most difficult/dreaded tasks done first" tactic. Works like a charm
Aditya Pawar
For me is Notion. It's a bit complicated but once you get a hang of it becomes easy. Notion can manage everything from notes to weekly planners, to do, CRM and more.
Sandra Djajic
@aditya_pawar01 Thank you for sharing! How long did it take for you to get the hang of Notion?
Nabeel Amir
I use Notion for everything. It is the best tool.
Sandra Djajic
@nabeel_amir Thanks for sharing, Nabeel! Did it take you sometime to adjust to using Notion?
'Lovin life'... I enjoy the journey and am never bored.. i do this by reaching lil goals while aiming for the big target... always just looking at the next few steps i will be taking...
@inesfenner yeah; it really makes a difference...!! I've had the benefit of dying twice haha so that helps... nothing can stop me now...!!
Marius Schwan
I'm working for Zenkit (https://zenkit.com/en/) for a few years now, and I have been using the Zenkit Suite privately ever since. Previously using excel, docs, trello and various note taking apps at the same time was time consuming and less productive. With the Zenkit Suite I have all the apps and functions which I need and use at one place, without switching between different software. πŸ™‚
sticky notes, minimal for android, sidenotes, reminders
Earl Nery
Notes, calendars, tasks, contacts, and more can all be organized in Notion.