Best qualities of a great workplace

Sandra Djajic
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Great boss! because if you have a great boss who actually cares about his/her employees then other things will fall into place.
@samigostartup A great boss has a crucial role in making or breaking your experience in any workplace!
Ng Fang Kiang
Able to "Work Remotely"
@jorcus Great addition giving the pandemic situation, working remotely has definitely changed the game.
Company culture I find is key.
A great boss can encompass all of these things. Whether an employee is hyper-focused on growth, money, work-life balance, personal development, culture, etc, they will adapt the environment to bring the best out of the employee(s) and keep the ship running smoothly (with possible concessions obviously, nothing is ever 100%) I've seen companies that have been too focused on one of the other options, and it seems each tends to fall apart if not consistently nurtured
Martha Snooper
I think all of the qualities are required for a better workplace and environment. The workplace should be flexible according to the needs of the employee. What say