What tools do you use for product analytics?

Hrant Davtyan
3 replies
Are you using a specific tool for product analytics or do you rely more on general data analytics solutions? What are some of your favorite tools? Are they able to give you the required insights on your user journey and experience?


Greg Ludvickson
Google analytics and Metabase are the ones I currently use. For marketing, I like Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor.
Fabian Maume
For product analytics I'm either using Mixpanel or Amplitude. They have similar capability, I'm mainly choosing based on the app stat, to have a good pricing; Mixpanel pricing is based on number of users, amplitude pricing is based on the number of event per month. Aside from quantitative analytics I like to have some user recording tool like SmartLook . This is particularly useful early stage. Some tools to structure and analyse user feedbacks like FeedBear or productboard 2.0 are nice to have.
Bayan Hammami
I'm a bit biased as I'm working on supercooldata.com which teaches product analytics with SQL and so my preference is to stream the events to a data warehouse like BigQuery or Snowflake and then use a tool like Mode to do my own analytics. If I use something like GA/Mixpanel/Amplitude then I'm going to hit walls for the crucial questions I want to answer. However, with those tools, you get a lot of basic analytics out of the box without much effort.