productboard is the product management system that helps you get the right products to market, faster. Understand what users need, prioritize what to build next and rally everyone around your roadmap.

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Hi all hunters and makers! 👋 We are so excited to share with you a major update to productboard. Today, we are introducing productboard Portal 🎉 - a whole new way for product makers to connect with their customers and validate and collect feature ideas, share what’s planned, and celebrate product progress. You know, I am a bit of an idealist. Purpose matters to me. So I want to say that we started productboard couple years back because we felt that static spreadsheets, stale slides, long, disorganized feature backlogs, and disconnected feature request forums were just terrible tools for product makers who really care about creating something wonderful, something excellent. You know, not the mediocre, feature-bloated stuff, but products where everything has its place and purpose, where every little feature and interaction delights you, where you just know that whoever made them, really understood you and took the time to make something that matters to you deeply. We saw an opportunity in making a product that would connect deep customer insights directly to feature ideas; a product where you could then organize all your ideas, score them against important product criteria, and make sure that the features you choose to prioritize and put on your roadmap, are the absolutely best ones given your strategic objectives. We felt that all of us, product makers, deserve better and so we made productboard. Today, at the time when productboard helps over 600 product teams make excellent products, we are launching the Portal because we heard from so many of you that getting the pulse of your customers is more important than ever. We heard and observed that having a channel that helps you collect customer insights at scale and at the same allows you to keep your product community engaged, is priceless. The Portal is available as part of our early access program to all our free trial users and customers. We also have a $100 coupon for all you hunters here, check out the product screenshots section. Give productboard and the Portal a try and let us know what you think. Or submit your suggestions directly to our very own portal! Thank you!!! Hubert
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@hpalan Congrats on yet another awesome feature set for productboard. You guys and gals rock! Love the portal already! Any chance we could interview you how you're building for - an online community for PMs I'm building? PS: Still wish you'd have a lighter plan with less contributors for smaller teams of 5-10 people or so :).
@hpalan This looks awesome! What a great job 😻 We'd love to integrate with Zenkit when you release your API ( - an online project management app). Do you have an ETA on that?
@andreas_galster Thank you, Andreas! Would be delighted to share what we've learned with your community! On pricing - that is a never-ending topic... we will be iterating on it for sure!
@hpalan Awesome looking product and great job on focus on the product on one specific goal. Considering signing up but have a question about the pricing. i.e. what's an editor and what's a contributor? If we have two founders and our UX designer on, it's $300/month and only 50 customers can be 'contributors'? Or we can put one founder as the editor for $100/month, and founder 2 and designer (and the rest of the team) as contributors and all of our customers can comment and participate in the process. Can you clarify that please. Thanks!
@siororke Thank you, Siobhan! We try to underpromise and overdeliver 😀 so no ETA, but integrations and APIs are going to be an area of focus soon!

We've been using productboard to build our MVP and it helped us to get everybody on the team on board with what we're building and kept us focused. I love that productboard helped us also gather feedback from different sources (Intercom, emails and various conversations) so now we're processing the user feedback and planning our next product improvements - all in one tool. That's just the best!


Best for connecting user feedback and product features. I love the intercom & trello integration!


We love using them for our product, never found anything similar.

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Thank you for the kind words Kate ! 🙏

Productboard led to the death of spreadsheets and emails at our company when it came to product management. I've become a true fan of this solution and the great way it solves such a painful problem. Before adopting we played with Aha! who are a competitor, Productboard blew them out the water as far as I am concerned. Love it.


Clean UI, focus on solving the core problems, great team who listen


Rich formatting of text would be nice but I know the team are working on it

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Thank you, Joe! Sorry about the formatting and thank you for your patience! A rich-text editor that supports copy/paste from all the different formats out there and that is reasonably easy to build on, so that we can have our snippets working just right, is quite an engineering challenge, but we will get there!
Congrats on the launch! I love the design and your product looks great. 🎉
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@helloiamvu Thank you for the kind words! 🙏

Wow product, for real. I didn't remember last time when a product was so natural in use and so perfectly solves the need. You feel how a team crafted each details and each feature. Great job! And I could not name any close substitute.


Simple and very clear tool to cover the PM job cycle: Collect ideas > Set priority > Put into roadmap > Track progress



Thank you so much for such kind words Dmitriy!