What tools are you using for work Productivity?

Mayank Mishra
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There is a surge in Information overload, especially on communication tools like Slack and resulting in stress and waste of time, hence, there is a need for a tool that helps us navigate through the noise and find the most important information. Would love to know what tool (or hacks) folks are using and what are their "Use Cases".


Isabel Nyo
The perfect tool is your mind. I’m learning to create more than consume and gather information just in time rather than just in case.
Mayank Mishra
@eisabai completely agree Isabel, however some tools do act as an extension of human physical & mental capability. As humans we have been creating tools to do more since stone age. I'm sure you're not totally against the notion of using tools.
No need of checking every hot tool for productivity. You waste time trying them. Check yourself. For example, I like Evernote. and I don't want to give Notion a try considering its complexity
Mayank Mishra
@falak_sher oh yeah makes sense Falak! Interestingly there are some tools or hacks which are 10× better than there counterparts which deserve some notice! 🙂
Mayank Mishra
@rifat_al_faisal Hi Al Faisal, I'm no expert but I was personally facing this problem on Slack and we eventually ended up building our own tool, Poppins.me We made it leadership centric so lately many founders & leaders started using Poppins too, check it out & if you find it suitable, I'm more than happy to personally onboard you.🙂
Sudisha Mishra
I think most of the suggestions here are rather patronizing in nature. I think tools can help a lot in maximizing productivity, so I can suggest the ones that I like. - Inkpad: I use this to jot down my thoughts and it automatically backs my notes to cloud, so no data lost. - Flipboard: I use this to keep track of news that matters to me. Google News can be cluttered with some nonsensical Page 3 bullshit, so I've shortlisted particular news publications and topics. Now I only read news that I enjoy reading. - Trello: for a flawless task board (this helps me a lot) - Canva: I'm a bad designer but I need to do a lot of design work at work as a content marketer. Canva has amazingly cut down my time working with designers who generally use Figma, Photoshop which increases turnaround time. Of course what i do is far away from the quality designers produce, but for small projects, it helps me.
Mayank Mishra
@sudishamishra Thank you for elaborately writing all the use cases on how each tool is help you carry out particular tasks. When we built Poppins, we had similar problem, although the there were many tools but they had different use cases and mostly built before covid. Many of which are not even relevant hence we built Poppins for founders & leaders. Would be interesting to know if some of these apps are used across devices?
Richard Francis
I’m generally quite unorganized, and honestly Roam Research does a very good job of linking all my unstructured thoughts together. I dump everything in my daily page - meeting notes, ideas, todos, and link them with hashtags or page references.
Mayank Mishra
@richard_francis2 thanks Richard, never heard about the tool but will explore now! On which device do you use it?
Richard Francis
@mishra_mayank Yes it's great! Don't be put off by the "no-frills" UI. It is a super powerful way to organize your thoughts in a relational way (think Wikipedia, where you create and link placeholder pages as you go). The great thing is that over time (and with a little housekeeping), you end up with a really easy way to navigate. You can also visualize all your notes in a graph which is pretty cool 😂
Mistreanu Ionut
A tool that I developed during the pandemic to help me with the separation between the workspace and my relaxation space. It's based on the idea of having an accountability buddy on demand. It's called myfocuspace.com
TMetric. Since tracking time at work is a must I have to use it, but I like that this tool enables working in flexible schedule and I can learn my productivity peaks thanks to its activity tracking feature. Take a look at https://tmetric.com/ Also, I like Canva and Crello. Sometimes I have to create designs for promotions, emails, etc. and these solutions are my helpers. One more helpful tool for me is Spotify :) Yes, it's a music app, however sometimes I'm even more productive when listening to calm and relaxing songs (when it's too noisy around, I have to take advantage of my airpods).
Mayank Mishra
@soylakate hey thanks for the great suggestions, I really liked how you're using Spotify for productivity. Will try it out for my work
David Miller
Hey! I’ve been using ProProfs Project to manage my work across projects. It allows me to instantly plan, organize, and prioritize work on its amazing dashboard. Overall, the tool is excellent for bringing teams together on one platform to execute projects from start to finish. And yes, it certainly helps boost productivity.