What strategies do you use to build community of potential customers?

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Matthew Johnson
Spend time in other communities where your target audience hangs out, talk with people, help them solve problems, share feedback, create content for them there
@mattcrail Won't that be a really long process?
Aaron O'Leary
I tend to try and find existing communities of a larger topic, eg; web development and within that tap into those who say might want a new analytics tool (if I was to build one)
@aaronoleary I agree, I have read a case study about reddit. Where a founder posted about his fund raise in 'entrepreneur' community and had allot of visitors on his website, just because he chose wider spectrum of topic...
Kartik J. 👷
Community is the place from where we get motivation, inspiration, and ideas. And it is the place where we showcase our work, knowledge, and achievements and, at the end of the day, get appreciation. If you can have these traits - motivation, inspiration, ideas, recognition, and appreciation, you will defiantly get succeed. It on you now how you can implement these.
Triv Andhare
Live in your customers world for some time. Understand their pain points, what they like and where they want to be. Capture your findings in a simple document or add it to a PM board - like Trello. Refer to your findings whenever you think about Sales or Product Dev.
@trivial right that's something YC school taught me! IF we want to run a customer we have to be a customer first and that's what we have incorporated in Akiflow. Our team is always next to the customers, helping them through out