Thoughts on Windows 11?

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Robert Reive
Nothing to see in W11, move on...
Egor Mishin
There is no better MacOs))
robiul haque
lots of new options coming ahead on windows 11
Alese Paire
Windows 11 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, bringing a fresh and modern experience to users worldwide. With its sleek design and enhanced features, Windows 11 aims to deliver a more intuitive and productive computing environment. The new Start menu, centered taskbar, and improved multi-tasking capabilities provide a streamlined user interface. Windows 11 also introduces updated system requirements and optimizations for touch, pen, and voice inputs, as well as support for gaming with DirectX 12 Ultimate. Additionally, security enhancements, like built-in Microsoft Defender Antivirus and secure boot, offer increased protection against threats. Windows 11 represents a significant evolution in the Windows ecosystem, offering users a refined and efficient computing experience.