What's your opinion on launching PH with a product's beta version?

Viktoria Pupazina
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Hello to everyone. My team is in the process of creating a new no-code chatbot platform. Many of the features we have already implemented are unique and very useful compared to existing solutions on the market. At the moment, we are ready to launch the volume 2 beta version, and we are now discussing whether to present our platform at the beta stage or to wait for the official release? Please tell me, in your experience, when is the best time to go to PH?


Sewell Stephens
I hate beta releases so I usually just launch products without going into beta. I'm starting to wonder if thats why I keep getting terrible feedback on bugs in https://hotjar.com and my other tool https://gleap.io.
Justin George
There's no perfect time to launch. Product Hunt is a discovery medium, unlike other platforms like Twitter, Linked In, you don't need a massive followers to gain some traction (although that wouldn't hurt). Product Hunt community is welcoming regardless of your background. So, now the focus shifts your product. "Beta product" is subjective. For some people an MVP can be Beta, for some other a robust product for which they have not started marketing also can be a beta. Before launching, - It's a good idea to make sure your product works, disappointing Product Hunt crowd is a crime. - It never hurts to do some marketing about the launch, in other social media platforms. - Also try to make use of "Ship" feature of Product Hunt. Since you can launch multiple times in Product Hunt (considering there's adequate gap between launches, and there's a considerable improvement to your product), once you are officially released, you may launch again. You can learn about some Product Hunt trends on statsph.com