What's your Monday ritual?

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Yash Chavan
More of a Sunday ritual for Monday but helps to reflect on the last week and plan for the week ahead. Monday ritual is just execution!
Romain Cernik
At work : A cup of cofee and a stand-up team to share moments of joy and frustration about the last week and what we could enhance for the next week
might sound cliche but- TO-DO LISTS!! every monday morning I spent some time planning out my entire week in the form of to-do lists on Notion.
Eli Becerril Wong
Start slow and good coffee
Douglas Cortez
A good cup of coffee in the morning , plan for the week and just get on the grind.
Shivam Ramphal
30 Min of morning breathing, brainstorming what I need to get done this week. Priorities first, then minute things after. Setting a plan and weekly goals; something to go off of, or have a motion in place.
Dante Roberts
Coffee... just coffee.
Mayank Gupta
Wake up -> Drink coffee -> Eat almonds -> Go to gym -> Do yoga -> Sit to work.
Raghav Goyal
setting my and my team's agenda and priorities for the week!
Kirill Dobrinov
Prepare to the launch. 😁
Eunice Ebrada
I usually get up early when monday start to do work and missing weekends vibes. But, I started with the coffee and try to pray for everyone will have a good weekdays a head.
Stas Voronov
In the morning, cook a delicious breakfast, meditate, read the news about coronavirus, meditate again 😁
Kate Rusalovich
Something sweet for breakfast - like a giving to the brain to improve focus and productivity 😃. And scrum meetings with the team every Monday to get ready for the work week, to close the previous sprint and plan a new one.
Anurag R
Hope the pandemic changes the weather too, so that I don't have to get roasted while commuting to work
I make a TO DO list of the week and made my weekend plan :)
Mario Jorge
beer, only a good beer
Evan Stewart
It's cliche, but up early. I grab an espresso, and either meditate in the word or workout. I believe in a concept called "bookends." In essence, bookends are moments of control in seemingly uncontrollable circumstances. Simple rhythms that travel with you wherever you are; a discipline that builds confidence, internal trust, and momentum. If you start and end your day the same way—regardless of where you are, or what's going on around you—it's a subtle yet powerful reminder that you remain in control of a portion of your environment, which in turn reinforces your confidence that you actually have the power to keep pushing. Plus, a little bit of breath in the midst of professional chaos doesn't do any harm!
Jessica Gregson
Run, yoga, meditation with The New Headspace then plan the week by checking Todoist for planning tasks Fantastical 2 for Mac for checking calendar (and sorting out any blips) and Spark for Mac where I organise any action emails to hide from me and resend on the day I need to action them. I check FreeAgent for any invoices that need to go out that week and any late ones and check cashflow with Float. Then I feel pretty set for the week ahead.
Vincent Roush
My Monday ritual is that I will have a good exercise for about 1 hr then I'll start doing my work. This way, it makes my body more productive and releases negative vibes throughout my body.