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Back in 2011, we created our first app, Fantastical for Mac. Our goal was to "fix" iCal, which was pretty frustrating and inefficient. In the past 4 years, we've had many innovations and breakthroughs to improve calendaring. With Fantastical 2, we wanted to fix Fantastical itself, and we think you're going to love it. Enjoy. :)
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@macguitar Congrats Michael! The new design looks great. You can tell there was a lot of attention paid to every last detail.
@robjama Thanks so much, Robleh. Coming from you, it means a lot! :)
@macguitar Congrats on the release! Looks awesome :-)
I'd love to get on board, but $40 to upgrade, considering Sunrise is free, the price is definitely steep. Neither are prefect, but I still have to load Sunrise or gCal to access Hangout links, and specifically gCal if I ever want to book a conference room. I'd be sold if it removed the need to open gCal. Any hint either of these are in the works ?
Love the new design, app trailer was awesome and I love Fantastical. But for how I use Fantastical right now, I don't get any more value out of a full replacement for iCal. All I use Fantastical for is to enter events really quick into my calendar with natural language, and set a few alerts on them. I don't spend much (any?) time in a calendar itself. When I have something, it will remind me. Are there any new features or improvements to the natural langague and quick add parts?
@joshdance I'm curious about this as well - I have the same use case and couldn't justify upgrading just for design changes.
@joshdance @morewillie My eyes glazed over on the full feature list he wrote below (no offense @macguitar!) A few use cases I don't think he listed, that I'm guessing at from the video: * Voice event creation * Create an event from highlighted browser text (clipboard text? couldn't tell) * TODO list integration * Choose a subset of calendars you see based on which computer you're using (actual GPS location? couldn't tell)
Really nicely designed @macguitar! Excited to see this version on desktop. How did you arrive at $40? I know a lot of time and effort goes into development, and you make spectacular products (I live on fantastical on mobile.) Just curious about the thought process of $40 vs 10 20 30 etc.
@jtriest Thanks so much! :) Well, it's a full productivity app that you'll use every day and we've added innovative features like calendar sets and our own CalDAV engine. We feel that for an app you'll use every day, it will provide an incredible return on your investment.
@macguitar Sunrise is super lucky Microsoft acquired them before this came out :)
@jtriest Wow! Thank you. I'm blushing :)
@macguitar @jtriest I think this is a great new price! The full price $49 sounds like a great spot to position the product. It's worth it from the time and frustration that it saves me every single day.
Fantastic! I've been a Fantastical user for many years now. It's really hard to switch to anything else. Minimalism of Fantastical just beats all. Having said that, new pricing seems to be quite steep (twice the first version?). How you guys plan to justify, when there are (now) more and more similar (natural language etc.) and free/cheaper alternatives? I'm sure many will ask. And do you have any plan for those, who would be upgrading from earlier versions?
@ugurkaner Thanks for your feedback. Just so you know, we launched Fantastical 1 back in 2011, and we've provided almost 4 years of free updates. Here's a look at our version history so can see exactly what we've done: http://flexibits.com/fantastical... Thats said, Fantastical 2 is an all-new app with many new features (check my post above for a list!) Being a full reinvention of Fantastical and taking it to the next level, we decided to price it appropriately. We understand that you may not find the value in its benefits, as not every app is for every person. We hope you'll reconsider the work we've done and the new features we've added and the benefits Fantastical 2 provides.