What's your method to iterate over your business model?

Arthur Coudouy
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Hey PH! We're offering a freemium service in B2B (https://axolo.co, we help tech teams working on Github and Slack reduce code review time). Most of our features are included in our free plan and we started last week our premium plan for companies looking for more customization. Right now, my main question for our upcoming features is to decide whether each feature should be in the free or the premium plan. Do you have any advice?


Gleb Braverman
My guess is you have to include basic features in your free plan and most of the exciting stuff in the premium plan. Then you can play with 1 month free of a several feature and see how it works. I call it "throw spaghetti into the wall and see what sticks"
Anand Radhakrishnan
@gleb_braverman I totally agree with Gleb you want to be flexible enough to give users a taste of the premium features. Hey Guys i am the founder of WebsitesToolz we recently launched on PH. We just launched on AppSumo. Do check out our PH page for link to AppSumo.
Nik Hazell
Launching soon!
I'd aim to deliver value first, before worrying about giving too much away for free. As long as you've given the paid/premium plan SOME thought, IMO it's better to make sure you're delivering value to the user, before worrying about how to constrain/limit that value @arthurcoudouy!
Sébastien Robaszkiewicz
If you have some usage already, you could examine what your hardcore users do with your tool: there are probably some features they use extensively, while the other users never use them. These features are good candidates for the premium plan
Diego Vázquez
Bueno yo pienso que deveria ser un plan gratuitocon funciones bacicas pro claro tratar de que todos puedan acceder al plan premium como un demo baya para que puedan ver realmente que es lo que o q pasaria al adquirir el plan premium
Vishal Sirur
If your current goal is to acquire as many customers as possible, I say go ahead with a free plan. If you've successfully reached a critical mass for Users. Go ahead with Premium Plan. Hope this helps :)
depends of the time that you put into the feature
Kartik J. 👷
Hey @arthurcoudouy Amazing idea. In my opinion, You should have 3 plans - 1 - Free forever version (Grow with your customers)- So that everyone can use and can upgrade later. Some small companies and teams may not pay you right now but they will be a premium customer as they grow. 2- Free Trial for 28 to 30 days(enough time to test and get habitual) which includes all features - So that everyone can use the premium features. They get to know about the benefits and value you are delivering in a paid plan. and Once they find value, they will never leave. Also, it can give you stats of what features are most useable for customers. 3- Paid plans - For Small, Medium, and Enterprises- That totally depends on your persona and strategy. Usually, I charge for such advice but it's free for you. :P Kidding.. All the best for your product. :)
Alexa Scvortsova
Hello! It seems to me that shareware will be great.
mark amberg
I would say maybe try a tier or rate limit approach that way if people actually need the service they can use it first and if past the limit that means they actually need it
This is a good product. I believe once a product offers a unique value, once users need it they won't mind parting with their money.