Looking for feedback on my project's landing page

Arthur Coudouy
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Hey Makers! V1 of my new project's landing page is done and I know that this is far from being perfect. I've been said that the makers community could be able to help me out and give interesting feedbacks so here I am. Here it is : https://axolo.co/ (we help tech teams working with Github and Slack ship code faster and we just released our beta). I'm looking for feedbacks in terms of design & text (communication in general). What is not clear ? What does not bring value ? Thanks in advance! Arthur


Eugenia Russell
Design is clear and attractive. Easy to read and hopefully it will attract the right teams. You offer a free option too which gets people started. Best of luck.
Arthur Coudouy
@eugenia_russell hey! You wanted to me let you know when Axolo was hunted, this is today! I did not know how to send you a message so here I am ;) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
I like the fonts and layout, you are immediately making it clear to first time visitors what your goal is and how it can improve their workflow. What I am not so sure about are the headline colors, which seem to be hard on the eyes. At least on my monitor. Its especially noticeable on the dark backgrounds, less so on a lighter canvas. Maybe using your lighter gradient color (#4B63FF) can help already and not mess with your color scheme to much. But other than that, there are no issues to mention. Good luck with your project!
Arthur Coudouy
@timwldn thank you so much! Can you elaborate a bit about the color gradient ? I'm not sure to have completely understood and I don't want to miss it
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
You might want to shorten your tagline with the strongest value prop to your target audience. Structure is nice, design is interesting. A few more things to add is reducing text. For example, this part: "STILL NOT CONVINCED ? The team behind the project started Axolo while looking for a gamified code review experience. With our first tech teams, we identified main bottlenecks that slowed most teams down and created anxiety among developers : lack of communication, miusage of pull-request's notification, too little developers' work recognition. Axolo transformed itself in an organizational change to boost developer's productivity and satisfaction." If it's too long, it should be a blog or a white paper. Hope this will help. Good luck with your project!
Arthur Coudouy
@emmanguyen thanks, I agree! I'm working on the blog right now and will shorten this part when a corresponding article will be live that's a good point.
Artem Smirnov
I love the idea! But the design, especially the bright blue color on dark, is a bit too flashy for my old eyes. Makes me want to go to a rave instead. If your USP is to get through code reviews faster, I would humbly suggest adding some numbers. There are too many "faster", "better" and "more" now, if I were to justify paying for a tool, I'll need to show its ROI to my boss, how many dev/h we would save monthly. On the other hand, having your pull request story in your team's Slack is a benefit itself which doesn't have to be quantified, but has to be stated more clearly right from the start IMHO. Are you planning to add GitLab support?
Arthur Coudouy
@artem_smirnov1 Thanks Artem! We're now focusing on Github only as it'd mean a lot of more integration work ; we'll look into Gitlab in 2022-2023 if we have enough request
Scott Ableman
Outstanding structure. The "dark neon" color scheme will be difficult for some users who have mild visual impairment, but this is not likely a problem for most coders. The phrase "provides an organizational change" is an odd benefit statement, and will be viewed as threatening -- a negative -- rather than a positive. Please have a native English speaker review your copy. There are a few phrases that need tweaking to ready more naturally. In Chrome, the page "jitters" when clicking the menu buttons at the top. This should be fixed. Overall I think you've done a nice job.
Other than points above, I just wanted to confirm if the paragraph under the heading "developers love Axolo" is a review, because if it is a client review you might want to highlight it better - say, put in quotes or make a separate section for review. Other than that, I love it :) I find the your logo super interesting though haha