Any advice for starting a branded Twitter account?

Arthur Coudouy
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Hey PH! We identified we would benefit a lot from reaching to potential users (tech teams) directly on Twitter and sharing/creating quality content there, so we started our company's account ( Needless to say that social media is not my main skill, so I'm humbly looking for advice. How did you start? Did you implement a specific framework for consistency? Any specific knowledge you would have wanted when you started? Thanks! Arthur


David Lauchenauer
That's something I'm super interested in as well. We're also just starting out with our twitter & I need to learn it as well. We're currently working on some Ideas for posts, we want to share: - New logos & domains we have available - Posting our new Interviews of our SaaS - Dialogue series - interesting Insights about development & problems we solved (building in public) - Valueable things we know about branding, designs, hosting & building new stuff That's our plan & we will see what will have the most impact. Please @ people with experience share your knowledge!
Adam Krzywda
Great advice @gmiadlich - Twitter themselves suggest using not only your company profile but also coordinating with employees. Thinking of your Twitter content in a distributed fashion is a great way to build mutual value for the brand and your people. Also, people trust people more than brands. Finally see if there are any weekly Twitter chats around your industry. There are weekly live chats about lots of topics on Twitter and if something like #githubchat doesn't exist - why not create it? Always add value!
Arthur Coudouy
@adamkrzywdaseoptimer thanks! true people prefer other people than company. But I did not see what you're talking about concerning live Twitter can you help me out ?
Adam Krzywda
@arthurcoudouy live Twitter chats are amazing - here's an article about some of the most active ones in the digital marketing community: - the idea is to host a 1 or 2hr live chat which is scheduled at a certain time each week or fortnight. It's a great way to build community and connections
Richard Fang
Find specific hashtags that usually have high engagement. For example #writerslift is a great one for content marketers / writers.
Arthur Coudouy
@richardfliu thanks! what's your take on it ? Answer to these specific tweet when that makes sense ? or just interact with people hoping they'll click on your profile (like, repost, ...) ?
Uku Kudu
Find influencers who already have your target people. Try to give some value in the comments. Try to connect with influencers followers.
Asif Kamal
the right hashtags also getting your tweets sponsored to reach the right audience might help
Arthur Coudouy
@aj_k13 thanks, do you have any special tools to discover new hasthag ?
Aleh Barysevich
Try looking for mentions of your brand, niche, and competitors and discover conversations where you can help people find good solutions. You can either use the search option on Twitter or some specialized social media monitoring tools as Awario. Also, you can start your own twitter chat to discuss the hot topics that are relevant to your niche.
You can check Daniel Vassalo's how to build a twitter audience course - (this is not sponsored lol). He started a page to grow his twitter audience then made a course of how he did it. The pricing is not prohibitive so it might be worth looking into it.
Hannah Wright
This is a great question and it was helpful to see other answers. At Lingo Legend, we are constantly trying new things. We have a framework for the types of content we want to talk about, with a few key buckets we focus on. We are also trying to engage in relevant conversations in the space. We use tweetdeck to surface tweets that align with our content strategy. We have also experimented with promoted tweets. We have found decent returns that have resulted in web conversions but followers that come from paid ads are not as engaged.
Yo Desi
i think twitter is a great platform , but the down point is that you can not so many simple words.
Jimmy Finch
Hey Aurthur, As you have got many amazing tips from others in the comments I would also like to add to them is that keep your account protected from fake, spammy, and inactive followers. Such followers can affect your engagement rate and organic reach negatively. You can also use FollowerAudit to identify fake and inactive followers from your account or any other account.