What's your favourite to-do app or your hack for getting things done without forgetting them?

Lalit Pandey
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Jai Keerthick
Microsoft TODO is always my favourite, it is very minimal and sleek to use. ☑️
Lalit Pandey
@jaikeerthick I used to use this app called wunderlist. It was my favourite. You could share your list & assign to others. Microsoft acquired it and merged many of the features in Microsoft Todo. I don't think if that feature exists in Todo but it was my favourite.
Jai Keerthick
@lastyprsfe yeah that feature is in Microsoft TODO. And that's one of my favorites too. Easy to assign a list to anybody
Dimitris Karavias
I use a notepad. Every night before going to bed I write 1-3 items I need to do the next day. Ideally 1 easy task to get my day started and 1-2 bigger ones. This helps me sleep better (no worries about work, I know the most important stuff will be taken care of). It also helps me start productively, otherwise I have no direction for the day. Importantly I don't put more than 3 items because that would mean I'm spread thin instead of focusing on the most important work.
Lalit Pandey
@dkaravias This is some great advice Dimitris. I schedule things on Saturday for the next week but I shall try for every day as well.
Gleb Braverman
omg this is a great question! I've tried so many of them but ended up using default reminders across Apple devices, for work I use a Notion board.
Lalit Pandey
@gleb_braverman Same Gleb. I am one of those guys who used to hop on from one app to another and then forgetting about it. Currently I am using just Google To-do paired with Notion.
Rajat Kapoor
TickTick is an amazing app that is so underrated IMO
David J. Kim
For larger work projects we use the kanban board in Jira which is a pretty great organizational tool. For smaller day to day stuff I usually setup a reminder to complete them from the default Mac Reminders app.
Mayank Mishra
We live on SLACK and we tried alot of to-do apps and other tools but we wasted alot of time juggling, so we built Poppins for ourselves. Now more than 150 teams use it in 40+ countries & they replaced tools like Notion, asana, trello, evernote.
Lalit Pandey
@mishra_mayank Hey Mayank, Can you please drop a link for your product here? Would love to check it out.
Mayank Mishra
@lastyprsfe we are yet to launch on Product Hunt, but search our tools by Poppins Slack app or visit my profile. I'm happy to personally onboard you.
Lalit Pandey
@mishra_mayank Just checked out the product. the website is on point and the product looks great. all the best on your launch.
Tyler Dane
Recently switched to a bullet journal for tasks and don't plan to go back to normal todo apps for a while
Manoj Surya
Sticky notes, pen. Just strike off the ones done. Transfer the remaining few to next day tasks. (or just crush it and throw away if not important to do later or lost significance of ROI from that task)
Lalit Pandey
@manojsurya3110 That's straight to the point advice but the problem arises where todo has a context and I might have done a part of it today and the rest is left for next day.
Victor Zhang
Ticktick and Notion database, kanban and timeline view