What's your favorite marketing / social media platform?

Richard Fang
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For growth, community engagement, and more - what's your favorite and why?


Richard Fang
For me personally, it's actually Facebook. I've met so many cool people on it through a variety of communities. I would love to say Twitter but I just haven't found as much luck on Twitter personally. Would love to get some more advice on Twitter though! It's one of the few platforms I just haven't had much luck cracking through.
Uku Kudu
Linkedin. High organic engagment.
Ikenna Paschal
@uku_kudu Really? I feel everyone on Linkedin is wearing a costume. They are playing a different character than they actually are.
Richard Fang
@uku_kudu @ikennaobieze Yeah I think LinkedIn did a 180 flip. Everyone's trying to look good so they don't want to be that black sheep. This is why I prefer Facebook ironically right now. As long as you're part of the right communities, everyone is really genuine, even those really successful entrepreneurs. I don't deny though, Linkedin is great for promoting your own content.
Omkar Birje
For me Twitter I spend too much time on it rather than any other social media platform.
Richard Fang
@realomkarbirje Twitter is like a hit and miss for me. Sometimes I get great engagements with specific topics while other topics are just dead silent. What have you seen work well?
Gary Hammond
I can highlight three social media platforms: Facebook, but be aware of Facebook spy apps (https://realspyapps.com/facebook...), Linkedin, and Twitter. They are the most powerful platforms for marketing and other purposes.
Twitter every single day, the multiplier effect is too insane.
Richard Fang
@ajeyasriganesh What do you mean by the multiplier effect?
Alexander Moen
recently, LinkedIn. I've put lots of time in there and developed lots of connections, so it makes sense. But, all of that aside, I launched a new company page and got it to get 1000s of organic views per post on a regular basis. I can't think of any other thing capable of delivering that in the time span of a couple of weeks.
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