What's your fav note-taking tool?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Jamie Gotz
@5harath Shepherd is great, especially if you're an avid Google user. Notion makes the odd appearance here and there too.
Matthew Ritchie
I prefer Google Notes for jotting down information quickly, but it's easy to lose track of files if you don't organize them frequently.
Abraham Samma
@matthew_ritchie Best used in conjunction with docs when you need to jot down key ideas for summarizing into say a ppt.
Ryan Hoover
I've been using Mem for the last year. I don't use the collaboration or network features but it's simple and fast.
Sharath Kuruganty
@rrhoover Wow that's awesome. What something that made it special for you?
Abraham Samma
Some of us use open source solutions. I've been using TiddlyWiki since 2016. Haven't looked back since. It's flexible, portable (it's a quine, an html5 app that produces a copy of it's own source code for you to download and serve from a local device) and completely serverless. It came as 2nd product of the day in 2020. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Abraham Samma
@scott_kingery πŸ’―we're building something to make TiddlyWiki even more useful and easier for others to use over at https://oneplaybook.app. We have a working prototype internally that has incorporated lessons we've learned from early users and hope to share with the wider community soon. Here's to bringing more users to the community!
Shreya R Nambiar
Apple Notes worked for me better than anything else. However, nowadays I take notes on Slack's personal DM since we use the platform for all of our internal communication and short meetings.
Joshua Dance
Feels like I have literally tried them all. Notion - currently using but so. slow. and no offline mode is terrible. OneNote - too 'app' heavy, some loved it, I never got into it. Evernote - My first love, but linking pages was terrible. Apple Notes - use it every day, but move stuff out of it when I want to store and organize Coda - Felt too heavy for personal use, interesting business options Bear - Evernote front end, can't stand the exposed Markdown SimpleNote - Evernote front end, nice used it for a while cause it was faster, but suffers from the Evernote linking issue. Roam - Love the note linking features, hard to get used to. Next up to try, Obsidian.
Marin Petrov
@joshdance I've also heard good things about Obsidian. Did you have chance to try it out? To be honest I went through pretty much the same list and had very similar feedback like you :D Still looking for something that suits my workflow better.
Abraham Samma
@joshdance @troll_lock We're researching these kinds of pain points for oneplaybook dot app. Curious to know what's caused you all to wander through this list. What do you feel is missing?
Marin Petrov
@joshdance @absamma My needs are: -fast and light, -sync between mobile and desktop, -offline mode, -linking between documents, -don't need markdown,
@joshdance Have you tried SideNotes? I use it to take quick notes and store things I want to keep at hand at all times. It’s like organized post-it notes on my screen side.
Joshua Dance
@w_j Haven't tried it. I really dislike the stickynotes on screen concept. I want the notes away so they don't consume mental bandwidth.
Cristina Bunea
Been using Bear for years but I was just thinking today I might want to switch. Syncing across devices has been a nightmare lately. Still, I love everything else about it so if I do make the switch to something else it would have to be just as minimal and simple.
@cristinaibunea Are you thinking about something specific? What about UpNote?
Paul Korver
Apple Notes for jotting something down. Notion for organization.
Maxwell Davis
Always been evernote but I've slowly started to use Discord more and more
After using Notion I haven't had a reason to look elsewhere, I use it for notes and project organisation (with board). I used Evernote for years but became tired of its web interface. Then tried OneNote which was OK.
Yasser Sultan
I have found a Whatsapp group with just me, as the best tool for quickly writing down random thoughts. Also Whatsapp web helps in going through the notes on desktop.
Naman Kumar
Apple Notes is best for personal use. Its simple and handy. Present on all my devices out of box. Sync wells. No logins required.
Enda Crowley
@5harath I'm using the @anytypelabs alpha on mobile & desktop these days. Native apps & local storage are πŸ”‘ for me!
Vaibhav Taneja
I prefer apple notes, it's easy to use and saves the draft automatically.
Mahin Makkhy
Last few years using Evernote. Trying to move on Notion.
notepad++ and not joking. If I have multiple tabs, I find myself using the notes on the other tabs when I need them, and saving them in a folder when not in immediate need of them. no frills whatsoever
Mayank Bishwas
I find Google Keep good. However, for me, nothing beats the classic - pen & paper :) Otherwise
I've used a lot of note-taking apps before but now I only use Notion. Notion is(has) -Wide variety of tables -Free to use most features -Flexible pages -Quick and easy to use You can basically replace all the best features from other note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote, and Bear with Notion.