What's the biggest lesson you have learned as a marketer?

Gurpinder Singh
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For me, it was unlearning. Algorithms and things in this digital age are always changing. To grow, you need to unlearn the things that worked for you previously and try new things.


Luka Vasic
What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Always be testing and changing.
Lena Dorogenskaya
The speed of experimentation is critical. If any team can't launch experiments quickly, people burn out, time and motivation are lost, which is more essential than losing money.
Be patient and provide value to users instead of offering them your product or services to build better relationships.
Yuri Lisin
Being honest is the most powerful tool
Joanne Hurley
I think constant re-learning and being adaptable. I'm currently working freelance and I have to evaluate proposals it's amazing to me that some people have a plan that they stick with without adapting it to the people, product and market.
Clément Rog
Be yourself, run things a different way. And trust your gut over analytics
Talk to other people (your leads, your clients, your colleagues from another team and other marketers from other companies). It's really useful to renew yourself and test new things all the time!
Gurpinder Singh
@lisa_gautreau where do you usually engage with your audience?
That often there is a huge difference between what you want to sell and they want to buy.
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
When you know your target audience, then it becomes easier to find the right marketing channel. Some people are not good with emails and some can never seem to get enough of them; while others prefer social media platforms or face time instead! So just keep trying different ones until something works for you.
Focus on your strengths.
Sofia Rose
Try different techniques as Marketing trends changes over time.