Which music streaming app do you prefer?

Gurpinder Singh
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Talia Bender
Spotify is truly the best :)
Gurpinder Singh
@taliambender what do you think about their playlists & recommendations?
Talia Bender
@gurpinder_singh For me, they're always spot on. I am really bad at discovering new music on my own, so I appreciate that they curate playlists for me that I end up truly enjoying.
Ana Dodig
Try online radio Nicecream.fm from UK.
Qudsia Ali
Nothing against Spotify and its fans here, I have used every app that you have mentioned, and I think all of these streaming platforms lead us to enjoy our favorite music!
Matt Z
Spotify - Even though they have so much more room to run (increased social presence, better AI recommendations, more integrations with merch/ecommerce), they are currently the best.
Maxwell Davis
Use Spotify for all of music and Podcasts these days
Shreya R Nambiar
I have tried all the apps you listed and Spotify is #1 for me. From playlist recommendations to overall UI/UX, its probably the best.
Ben Bohbot
Spotify recently impressed me more than Apple Music.
Lina Chu
Yandex music and sometimes Spotify (great music library, but not best recomendations for me, sadly). P.S. Youtube Music for some anime ost too
Lukas Smurf
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Srishty Chaudhary
Since, I use Amazon Prime so I mostly listen on prime music only.
I usually listen to relaxing music on Spotify and https://suonerieandroid.com. Here there are many new songs that are updated continuously every day.
Helen Alma
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An Bình
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paprika memes
Personally, I love Apple music. But iTunes sometimes annoys me a lot. https://www.dvdfab.cn/resource/d...
lena DE
Of course Amazon music and Spotify. I often use a collection of software (https://de.musicfab.org/) to download music from both platforms for offline listening. it works really well.
Roz Cally
Among the suggestions you give, I like listening to music on Spotify the most, in addition, I often listen to music on https://sonneriebb.com/100-meill... where there are a lot of good music and newly updated every week.
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