What's the best way to connect with hunters? Any advice is good advice.

Punit Chawla
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We'll be launching a wonderful platform/service in the coming weeks and would love to collaborate with hunters who are passionate about freelance platforms. However, I'd love some advice on how to approach such hunters who'll help push this dream forward.


Rahul Singh Bhadoriya
Hey @punit_chawla That’s great question. I tried to do the same for my last product. Here is what worked for me and what not. Finding : Finding a good hunter on product hunt is easy. You can search for products which you feel are similar to yours and see who has hunted them. Asking for Help : I tried connecting with Hunters though their Email & Twitter. Twitter worked best for me as I DMed them the Link to my product and 80% of them replied. Challenges : The Biggest challenge is that Hunters are worried about their portfolio. If they are hunting you, They are saying that your product is good. That trust building is tough without prior interactions. Solutions: Connect with hunters a month before your launch, Interact with them much as possible on twitter and after creating a connection, approach them for hunting. IN short Dosti wala scene hai, Bina jaan pehchan tough hoga
Punit Chawla
Ah this is very insightful Rahul! Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll surely keep these things in mind :)
Gleb Braverman
Yeah, totally agree with Rahul - connecting with hunters at least a month before you launch is super important. They get tons of requests all the time and you really wanna stand out with your product. Best way to do it is to build a relationship!
Alice Rodgers
Hi, Punit, Chris Messina is #1 hunter, but he should be booked at least 30 days in advance. I got this link from a hunter I wanted to hunt our product and he said he can't and probably he is not the best candidate to do it and shared with me a link to Chris) Chris landing page https://chrismessina.me/hunt-me
Fabian Maume
https://upvote-bell.com/leaderboard is a nice tool to find suitable hunter. You can try to connect with hunter on Linkedin & Twitter.