How do you guys deal with pre-launch nervousness?

Punit Chawla
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I'm launching a product in beta soon. Even though I'm confident of the product and marketing material, I still have those nervous stomach twists you get before taking a risk. Any suggestions to deal with this :) I believe mental health is very important for entrepreneurs.


Alice Rodgers
Meditation and exercising works for me) riding Jetski and flying in a wind tunnel helps to clean up my mind from a lot of thoughts
Alex Terentiev
Drinking tea and watching anime
Alice Rodgers
@alex_terentiev sure thing) we need more quality anime) any recommendations?
Alex Terentiev
@cn__katie hmmm, echo of terror and darker black. But my favourite is samurai champloo
Alice Rodgers
@alex_terentiev I've seen darker than black; gonna watch echo of terror and samurai champloo after the launch
Gleb Braverman
The stress will never go away, you just learn to overcome it.
Ryan Hoover
I still get them. :) I think the key is to recognize that the launch often doesn't matter if you zoom out.
Punit Chawla
@rrhoover I know this is a long shot, but do you mind If I can share my next product with you for feedback?
Raymond Sam
Exercise, meditation and just powering through it for me. The anxiety goes away the faster you do the thing, until the next milestone anyway.
Alex Briukhovetskyi
What works for me is - I ask myself a question "Why would I be nervous?". I've done everything I could to make things happen with the best outcome possible) Now I should relax and enjoy the results!
Mariah MacInnes
Journaling!!! It is the BEST thing I ever started doing in 2017!
Stewart Barrett
@mariah_macinnes Have you been able to keep it up this whole time?
mahadeep Ray
Saw a video where Paul G handles this question. He asks "Do you remember which date Google/fb/any other company was launched"?. So launch is a small part of what you are building.
Johannes Grenzemann
Going out in the nature and running. Sport and sweat in general is a good way to get rid of stressing thoughts…