I "Hunt" and review design products for a living. Ask Me Anything.

Punit Chawla
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I'm a product designer/design entrepreneur from India. I run the youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/punitchawla . Here I find and review design products and has become a great hobby that makes good side income. I've gone through 1,000's of design products, no-code tools and resources. I've come accross many problems in these resources and many unique solutions that come by over the years. I'd love to answer questions about your products/ideas and whether I feel it will be useful or not. Let's discuss :)


Hey @punit_chawla! Love your YouTube channel. I'm a subscriber btw :) I love your design trend videos where you curate the latest trends. Would love you to have a look at this: https://www.producthunt.com/post... by @xhfloz I love the way it allows each one of us to be 'designers'. Would love to know your opinion about the no-code website builders, and no-code in general :) Check out this as well! https://www.producthunt.com/post... :)
Punit Chawla
@xhfloz @adityavsc Hey Aditya, glad you're a subscriber and like the content! For the tools you've shared, I believe they fit right in with the influencer market. Where mmm can be easily used as a linktree alternative for creatives like us as well as a small portfolio maker for others. I feel such tools have found a huge market as the advertisement industry makes a shift to online media and influencers have a bigger and better place. As with any other career, a greater demand gives rise to need for better and more valuable products :)
Preeti Chovoor
What is the main things you look for in a new product such as a game board or game in general?