Imagine a browser extension to pimp your Twitter DM's.

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Hey PH. I'm here to tell you about a problem and a solution. When you grow in size on Twitter your DM's become hell. A million people are writing you, it's hard to save important convos or people and it's even harder to export any information to other platforms. The solution? A browser extension that supercharges your Twitter DM's. Easily save messages to an external database (think Notion), highlight, favorite or pin people or conversations. This is a product I would pay to use, so that's why I'm dabbling with the thought of creating it myself. If anyone would be up for collabing on such a project, do let me know.


Sergey Z
And who are you looking for? Engineers? Designers?
Toan Truong
I would love to work with you, but I don't know how to code. Can I still help?
Maxwell Davis
Hey @luca_restagno isn't this what Hivoe does for the most part?
Luca Restagno
Hey @iampascio ! What you described is what will look like in a couple of weeks. I'll provide a Telegram-like experience for Twitter DMs 🚀 It obviously doesn't mean that you cannot build your own! But I felt the same problem (even if, be aware, not a lot of people I interviewed would be willing to pay for it). Do your research and validation first!