What's the best lightweight CRM for Seed-stage startups?

Valentin Haarscher
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Guys, I need your help! We have done a lot of stuff manually so far to manage our customer's relationship but as we will gradually increase the number of teams onboarded on our product (B2B SaaS), I need to know what's the best lightweight CRM out there. Our need is to automate as much as we can the following tasks: - Create new leads - Qualify leads - Contact leads - Move leads into a funnel (demo>onboarding>follow ups) We currently do everything in Airtable but it's not really scalable. Thanks in advance for your answers!


Matthew Johnson
Depends on your budget. HubSpot isn't lightweight, but the CRM is free and you can extend it quite a bit. I really love Pipedrive personally, but it's not free. It's really intuitive and easy to use, and isn't overwhelming like HubSpot imo Insightly is pretty lightweight.. but maybe too lightweight for what you need.
Valentin Haarscher
Thanks a lot Matthew ! I've continued my research on the side abd figured out that the key was to be able to pull product data (usage info) into your CRM and mix it with your sales data (contacts, deals, tasks). Does Pipedrive allow you to connect with Segment or Intercom (which can be connected with Segment) ?
+1 for hubspot, as it's initially free you can extend it as your activity grows, otherwise with some basic tech skills you can deploy an open source solution for you own use, I would recommend odoo and dolibarr, the first got a bigger integrations portfolio
Chandramouli Dorai
You can check out Zoho Bigin/PipeDrive/Hubspot/Monday.com
Simo Lemhandez
Thanks Valentin for raising that question. I'm the founder of folk, a no-code CRM platform. “No-code” is probably a very bad word to define what it should describe. “No-code” probably better refers to a new paradigm in the way people are using software: they are looking for tools that combine a very simple interface + deep customization/integrations options. We believe this new paradigm will progressively generalize to other product categories in the enterprise. Many large categories have been reinvented by “no-code” tools like Website builders (eg Webflow), ERPs (eg Airtable), Knowledge Bases (eg Notion) or e-Commerce builders (eg Shopify). We’re bringing the power of No-Code to the largest SaaS category, CRMs. In this way, we’re not only planning to reinvent traditional CRMs, we’re democratizing the use of CRMs to all contact-centric use cases and make it accessible to the long tail of small businesses. I do believe it's very suitable to early stage startups that need something simple, lightweight, easy to setup and easy to onboard on, and customizable in minutes