Which host for blog articles to maximize reach and SEO pre-launch ?

Valentin Haarscher
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Hi Makers ! We're planning on writing a couple of articles pre-launch to get inbound leads and do user interviews. Where do you suggest we host the articles to maximize reach and SEO? Target persona: product leaders, founders. - We don’t have a blog on our landing page - Top of mind sources: Medium, Substack, LinkedIn, Twitter


Benoit Chambon
Starting by not having a blog is better in terms of SEO. Using an external source can make more backlinks. We do use Medium and Substack, because users can't read an infinite number of articles on Medium without subscription :)
Jack Davis
This is a great question because I was also looking into this myself. I am hoping others can share insight!
Sarah Jordi
We don't have a blog either for Angle Audio and are using Medium. But we use it more as a "Newsroom" (still setting it up), where we have original content, guest content, but also company updates and media releases. When I was working on the agency side, we did this for a few clients and it worked quite well, especially in terms of SEO. 😊
K. Leigh
Medium's organic & earned absolutely bit the dust due to all the funky paywall shenanigans. Substack is also having a lot of issues right now, and I'd lowkey urge to stay off of it. LinkedIn Articles; surprisingly easy to chill with the tech community and the competition isn't very toothsome. Easy to stand out. Also probably a Ghost blog, and make sure to content market like a beast. You don't want a platform owning all your earned audiences' eyeballs, so if you have to cross-post to Substack, Medium, or LinkedIn, do so...but drag all that back to your blog, which I'm sure you're aware of. :)
Valentin Haarscher
@kiraieigh Thanks Alex ! We don't have our own blog yet but will definitely do like you said when it's online ;)
Valentin Haarscher
@kiraieigh What would be great is something like Anchor (podcasts) for blog posts ! i.e. a tool that automatically post your content on all relevant platforms. Easy to manage 👌
K. Leigh
@valentin_haarscher I think there may be something like this? You can also IFTTT it :)
Hwei Oh
DZone accepts article submissions and they seem to have good readership. Their contribution guidelines are available here: https://dzone.com/articles/how-t... - and Dev.To is another site that allows you to contribute content. However SEO is a long-haul commitment so it is unlikely that posting a couple of articles will bring in a throng of leads.
Damien Martin
@valentin_haarscher I would suggest Medium and LinkedIn
Alexa Vovchenko
Good question! We actually struggle with SEO and for a long time our blog was taking us much time not only from the content perspective, but also from the perspective of deploying an article into it. So, we decided to look for an alternative platform, where you just post and don't configure the formatting etc. We're considering Medium, but I've recently found an article explaining why this platform is no-go for blogging: https://pawelurbanek.com/medium-... Wonder what do you think about it? I see many of you folk suggest Medium as an alternative here.