What part of the day do you like working the most?

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Sharath Kuruganty
Early morning is the best time for me to kick-start things. It will be calm and serene. It also feels like you are starting your day beating others who are still in bed :)
Amarnath Nagula
I find late evenings and early mornings as the best times to do most of my work :)
Jake Crump
I am definitely a morning person. I feel like I have so much more energy in the morning and I've gotten really used to waking up early. I love checking stuff off of my to-do list before the sun's even come up.
14h-16h -- coffee & sunlight, best part of the day.
Ross Henderson
For meetings, I am much better in the morning (about 10am). The later the meeting is in the day, the less engaged I am. If I'm coding, it can take me by surprise, but I'm often a lot more productive in the afternoon, if not evening/night.
For me it is usually the morning after the kids have gone to school - it's a decent walk to their school (which wakes me up) and just after I've had brekky. But I also have a strategy of not really worrying about when I'm productive but just to keep going when I am so it's not unheard of for me to keep going until the small hours of the morning if I'm in a productive mood.