What paid subscriptions are a MUST for you?

Martina Hackbartt
20 replies
Hi, all! Which are the paid subscriptions you couldn't live without? On my side, there's Spotify, Grammarly, iCloud storage for my iPhone and some tools I use at work, such as SEMrush or SNOV.io. What about you?


Ezzat Suhaime
iCloud and mayybeee Netflix. Cough** password sharing.
Dylan Merideth
I would say Lastpass, Youtube Red, and icloud storage too!
Maxwell Davis
Streaming services, Canva
Renly Borris
Netflix of course. 😶
Siena Romes
YouTube Premium just because of the ads.
Adriel Cruz
I would say Netflix, YouTube Premium, Discord, Spotify
Qudsia Ali
The followings paid subscriptions are a must for me. Most of these are work related. Grammarly, Canva, Hubspot, Semrush, Notion and Spotify.
Gurpinder Singh
Google Drive storage for work, Canva Pro for content, Spotify Premium for music, iCloud storage for phone
Nabeel Amir
Kindle, Evernote Premium, Amazon Prime, Medium.com, and Notion are my must-have tools and many other free apps and services, including some pretty good stuff on YouTube.
Alexander Serdyuk
@nabeel_amir Hello! You have a lot of subscriptions, how do you control them?
Madeline Corjuc
Actions by Moleskin, Duolingo, Apple Music
Trey Chong
For SEO and marketing of our logo maker InstantLogo; Google Drive for team sharing, Canva Pro for marketing content, Ahrefs for SEO analytics, and Grammarly and Quillbot for content marketing.
Adams G
Magzter is where I go to get magazines and newspapers. It's a great place to find almost any critical magazine.  Blinkist: I have the plus subscription, which I've used a lot. However, I intend to stop doing it this year to try something new.
Sandra Djajic
Spotify for sure! I couldn't live without Google Drive storage either.
Alexander Serdyuk
I use Megogo, YouTube Premium
Martina Hackbartt
@alexander_serdyuk1 Hi! Don't really have a method for it. Used to have a notion page but now it's been left unused. Any tips?
Alexander Serdyuk
@martina_hackbartt Thanks for the answer) I am working on creating such a product When there is a result, I will share the link with you) What is most important to you in recurring subscription control? 1. Unsubscribe 2. Track my expenses 3. Pay bills on time 4. Avoid overdraft