Must do's (and dont's) prior to launching on PH 🚀

Martina Hackbartt
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Hey, hunters! I wanted to open a space for those who have previously launched on PH to share some insights and advice with those who are launching soon. What are the things we should do? And what are the things we are better off avoiding? Any tips of any kind are welcome :) Our team will be launching in around a month (our ship page: and we are looking forward to it!


Matthew Johnson
Hey Martina - I've launched three times now. The primary thing you'll want to do is compile a list of everyone you want to support your on the day - users, friends, colleagues, social media followers, etc. In the lead up to launch, let them know you are about to launch and why it's important, and that you'd love for them to check you out on launch day. Then when you go live, make it easy for them to find and support you with an email blast. Don't: - Worry too much about finding hunters - Just ask for upvotes, engagement matters not just votes - Pay for upvotes or use any of those shady things - Use an agency I wrote up a checklist if helpful:
Vedran Rasic
Hey @martina_hackbartt 🙌 Congrats on "upcoming" release! First figure out what's your objective? 1. Testing proof of concept 2. Increase traffic 3. Get (more) leads 4. Get (more) users 5. Get (more) paid users 6. Personal branding 7. Social signal (#1 POTD) … Based on that you will choose: 1. Offer 2. Call-to-action 3. Length of preparation 4. During-campaign activities 5. Launch day (month, day in the month) Here's what to do: ✅ Prepare and warm up a list of at least 50 supporters that care about your product ✅ Use “Ship” free or paid as a great tool to collect emails and warm them up ✅ Prepare your web: announce the launch on your website (header banner/popups) ✅ Prepare content for you and your supporters in advance ✅ Create a Product Hunt exclusive discount ✅ Get on the radar of people who upvoted similar products ✅ Time your launch: Ask PH support/community if there are any big launches coming up ✅ Prepare your infrastructure to handle higher volumes ✅ Product/demo video ✅ Prepare FAQ/A ✅ PRO TIP: Followup! ✅ PRO TIP: Create a checklist! I prepared a full Product Hunt Masterclass on Gumroad. Hope that helps. Best of luck. 🚀
Martina Hackbartt
@vedranrasic Hey there, Vedran! This will be very much useful to our team. Thanks a lot for sharing, and I'd love to have the link to your masterclass!
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Definitely don't do what I just did and launch on accident, oh well.. lol
Martina Hackbartt
@max15 Oh, how did that happen? The best of luck anyway and congrats on your launch!
Nicole Ogloza
Thanks for the advice :)