What nontypical steps did you use to get the first 10 sales of your product?

Sergei Timoshenko
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Alice Rodgers
Cold outreach, networking at events, Demo
Sergei Timoshenko
@cn__katie Katie, thanks for the answer! Are you talking about online or offline networking? Have you managed to stay efficient while going online?
Debajit Sarkar
Every week, I interviewed at least two individuals who has recently purchased a product similar to the one we have created. I asked them 4-5 questions about the process and what they're working on right now. This a great approach to reach out to a technical audience. Here's how broad questions work: 1.How did you come upon it? 2.How did you come to buy it? 3.Why did you decide to purchase it? 4.What are your plans for it now? 5.What are your long-term plans? Follow up with them in 6 months.
Iscu Andrei
@sergei_timoshenko I went to possible customers and showcased the competition first (only positive information, nothing negative). Then, I presented my product. When asked why I did such a good presentation of the competition, I answered "it's a matter of confidence, straight out honesty and client satisfaction focus. When you have all the info available, you will definitely make the right choice". I didn't get all of they to go with my product, but the ones that did, we had a good relationship!
Sergei Timoshenko
@iscu_andrei An exciting experience! Did you get a good result from this method?
Iscu Andrei
@sergei_timoshenko yes, because each client was aware our collaboration was funded on trust and transparency. Even now, years after that platform was taken off use, they still call me and ask for advice on new projects they have. It is a great feeling when you develop this kind of relationships.
Sergei Timoshenko
@iscu_andrei Sounds inspirational. You not only sold a product but also created amazing networking for yourself.
Anton Ross
Very high discounts - up to 70% and publication in communities