What marketing [or not] tactics worked best for you when you just launched your SaaS?

Alexandra Cote
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Thinking of how you got your first 1-2k users, to which channels/marketing tactics would you attribute the success? TIA


Tanya Sharma
Hey there, Just sharing my favourite resources on the topic - Lennys newsletter: https://www.lennysnewsletter.com... - First 1000 (case studies with strategies from companies across industries): https://read.first1000.co/
Dmitry Korzhik
I focus on SMB. So, it was Linkedin with cold outreach to get 10 first cutomers.
Sarah Jordi
One thing that didn't work: - LinkedIn ads with lead generation form: Super expensive, barely any leads - Facebook ads with lead generation form: Lots of leads, but 100% of them were useless or plain fake We're in the process of closing our first customers in B2B SaaS and what has been proven most successful so far, is classic sales email outreach. Our first product hunt launch also seems to contribute a lot as we get traffic from PH to our website almost daily since our launch last April.
Igar Volan
@sarahxjo we had the same situation. LinkedIn and Facebook ads cost a hell of money and bring no value. So we use cold outreach via LinkedIn. But personalized.