What kind of community do you want this PH discussions forum to be?

Hannah S Kim
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It's been really exciting to see how active this Discussions page has become over the last several months. From the updated page format and features to the increase in the # of posts- it's become like a mini Reddit-like space, but for makers and short-form content :) As members of this community- what do you wish to see more of on this page? I personally love reading about the experiences of makers and solo founders, and advice on life outside work.


David Tran
I've just joined the discussion page recently and this community is very active. I wish we could have a few more channels like: #dev, #showcase, #discussion, #random.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I like it the way it is. The discussion tab allows discovering interesting subjects we wouldn't search for. That being said, I wish to see more testimonials about personal achievement (like some posts we can see on Indie hackers)
Hannah S Kim
@cica_laure_mbappe Same! It would be neat to see more personal experiences. I am guessing this community will go in that direction eventually.
Unfortunately, PH discussions can't become anything more than what it's now. It's not the open forum; behind the scene, there is an intake process. Every post is reviewed and released as per PH guidelines. When there is a manual gatekeeper, it's impossible to get the engagement and fuzz as we see elsewhere. Hey, this approach is working and serving well the audience it targets, you, others, and me.