What is your favorite tool to manage multiple social media channels?

Brian Nutt
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Ryan Tando 💡
Personally either Hootsuite or Buffer
Brian Nutt
@distartin I've never used Buffer but definitely Hootsuite
Talia Bender
We use HeyOrca and it is great! The support is awesome and their pricing is straightforward. Additionally, their dashboard reporting is nice.
Brian Nutt
@taliambender Thank you for the feedback. I've not heard of HeyOrca and will check them out. Looks cool at first glance!
Brian Nutt
@ankita_singh14 Sounds like I need to check out Buffer....
Qudsia Ali
Sprout Social and Hootsuite are my favorite tools to manage multiple social media channels. Sprout is overall good, whereas Hootsuite has the best analytical solution.
Dapeng Ni
We use Publer.
Brian Nutt
@dapeng_ni pinker is new to me. I will check them out!
Alina Belascu
Been playing with AgoraPulse lately. Looking good.
Brian Nutt
@alina_belascu that is née to me. I’ll check it out!
Srishty Chaudhary
I have used Buffer. It works good.
Brian Nutt
@srishty_chaudhary Buffer is getting a lot of love!
Zifa Sadriyeva
I've used both Hootsuit and Zoho Social: both are good, doing the same job. Subscribe to the best ever investment in your business here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... - income-based pricing software for profit maximisation, which taps the latent profit in addition to any usual pricing exercise.
We use HeyOrca, it is good. I like the client approval feature, when clients can approve or reject posts. Posts will only go out after approval have been granted. Also here are very clear reports with visual dashboards. Using HeyOrca Let us get more followers on IG, FB and other social media. I would also like to point out the support. It's awesome. It responds in 5 mins any questions you may have.